District of Mouzilo

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For other uses, see Mouzilo (disambiguation)
For the micronation, see Mouzilo
District of Mouzilo
Округ Музило
Περιοχή του Μουζήλου
Flag of District of Mouzilo
Official seal of District of Mouzilo
CountryFlag of Ashukovo.png Ashukovo
 • GovernorEmmanuel Afentoulis (Conservative Party)
 • TotalTBA
Time zoneGMT +3:00

Mouzilo (Russian: Музило, Greek: Μουζήλο), officially known as the District of Mouzilo, (Russian: Округ Музило; Greek: Περιοχή του Μουζήλου) is a constituent nation of the Ashukov Federation.