District Two of the DPRLP

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District Two is located just south of District One. It follows the same valley and is prone to flooding, often having wet ground for long periods of time, only drying out during droughts. It is not very well explored, but it is better known than District One.

District Two of the DPRLP
Official language(s) English, English/French, English/Spanish
Capital Platitsuchi
Date founded January 5th 2010
Number of citizens 1
Number of active citizens 1
Government Dictatorship, ultimately controlled by the central government
Current leader Cameron McElrue
National animal N/A


District Two was created on the 5th of January 2010. Very few things at all have happened in District Two due to the fact that it is mainly unwanted, unusable land. In late 2009, a few local farmers were briefly spotted having a tractor race through this district, on the very same day that the name 'Los Penguinos' was thought up, although at that time the DPRLP was merely known as the Los Penguinos Dam Company.


District Two is the first District to be entered when visiting all districts other than District One. It includes a road, the only transport area in the DPRLP. A stream runs through the valley in which District Two lies, and the stream banks are not much higher than the stream itself, often causing flooding. To the south, the Pangyeng Special District Borders District Two, and District One borders District Two in the north-west.

The capital city, Platitsuchi, has no designated area as of yet.

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