District One of the DPRLP

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District One is the northernmost district of the Democratic People's Republic of Los Penguinos. It is largely unexplored, although it holds potential for economic activity.

District One of the DPRLP
Official language(s) English only, although the rest of the DPRLP will accept other languages
Capital Lon Jaton
Date founded January 5th 2010
Number of citizens 1
Number of active citizens 1
Government Dictatorship, ultimately controlled by the central government
Current leader Jack Stewart
National animal N/A


District One was founded on January 5, 2010 when Jack Stewart was assigned the role of the leader of that area; he was the last of the four leaders of the DPRLP to claim a territory. There has, however, been no visit to this district since 2009. Very little work has been done in this area.


Only the northernmost tip of District One has been explored. The border of the DPRLP has its northernmost extremity in a marsh immediately to the north of a pond that runs off into a stream to the southeast. Along this stream the land is very wet, althugh it is thought that there may be an economically viable drier area yet to be explored.

The capital city, Lon Jaton, has no designated area as of yet.

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