Diguo Yuanzhu

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Imperial Assistance
Diguo Yuanzhu
Leader Yu Lingwei
Founded 15 June 2014
Headquarters Kwoi Mun, Great Taihan
Ideology Monarchism, Taihanese Nationalism, Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, Personalism, Pan-Asianism
Political position Far-right
National affiliation Flag of Taihan.png Great Taihan
Official colours Red and black

The Diguo Yuanzhu (帝國援助, or "Imperial Assistance") is a far-right political party in Taihan. The party was formed by Yu Lingwei in 2015. Established to promote the ideals of Pan-Asianism and the creation of a multi-ethnic micronation-state and to create a structure which would gradually replace military rule over Taihan with civilian control, the party was unable to fulfill its early promise, and was eventually subverted into an instrument of totalitarian state-control.