Dictatorship of Pyrocardia

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Dictatorship of Pyrocardia

Nos conflagrantibus nostra semitas (Latin: We blaze our own paths)
Blazing Song
Cape Town, South Africa
Capital cityFourclaws
Official language(s)English, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Sangwattle
Official religion(s)All
Short nameCard
Established30 November 2012
Time zoneGMT+2
National sportAny
National animalCape Coral Snake

The Dictatorship of Pyrocardia was a micronation that formed on the 30th of November, 2012.


Supreme Dictator Dahraan has rudimentary knowledge of Latin and Greek and devised the name from both languages while suffering from boredom. The name roughly means Fire Heart (Pyros-Fire, cardium-Heart)


It was formed on the 30 November 2012 after Dahraan read a guide on the internet. On the 1st December 2012 the constitution was signed and the flags formalized. On the 13th of February, 2013, the micronation gained the hostile attention of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco. War was declared the next day. As of the 15th of February, 2013, the conflict has ceased.

Government and Politics

At present, the micronation is in its baby phase and one party exists. All decisions have to go through the 'board' and all their decisions have to be acknowledged by the dictator.

Law and Order

The Pyrocardians are an honourbound people and breaking any kind of honour or loyalty code results in punishment by 'Irony', involving a situational punishment based on the code broken. The police force are known as the Gun Busters and comprise of the Dictatorial Office.

Foreign Relations

Pyrocardia does deal often with foreign entities (mainly South Africa). Due to Dictatorial Advisor Nathan-Nadler-nir formerly being part of the Zonian Confederacy, relations with Sirocco started off sour. On the 14th of February, 2013, war was declared over lost Siroccan land and reputatedly 'stolen' citizens. The Pyrocardians are unarmed and thus surrendered the province of Lower Felkwood. At present, the Supreme Dictator is trying to negotiate peace. This offensive became known as the Valentine's War.

Pyrocardia has signed a Pact of Protection with the fledgeling nation of Kranen, swearing to come to their assistance should their sister nation be attacked. The two share the city of Donombus/Carna (Pyrocardian and Kranen names, respectively)


The Suchos Division Banner

The Suchos Armed Forces are the main terrestrial military force, lead by Dictatorial Advisor, Nathan Nadler-nir. The Orcinus Aquatic Division is lead by the Supreme Dictator whenever it sees action. The Card Salute is performed by raising the left hand in a fist to at least eye-level, then putting an open right hand over the left of one's chest. The senior member will then nod and the conversation or action will continue.

The militia has no formal training and are effectively conscripts. The weapons used by the Pyrocardians are substandard in quality and are limited to such things as homemade crossbows and wooden swords.

Geography and Climate

The climate is Mediterranean with summer highs of 35 degrees Celsius and winter lows of 11-10 degrees. The foliage is mostly shrubbery, small bushes and trees.


At present, the currency is the Cap. A Cap is an acorn marked by the dictatorial print. Green acorns are worth ten caps, whereas brown are worth one each. This system is simple and renewable. Few companies exist in Pyrocardia. One of the foremost amongst them is the Random Facts Entertainment Co. a trivia and entertainment distribution company.


The Supreme Dictator has created a pseudo-pantheon of figures that represent Pyrocardian ideals. The Breaker- A figure dressed in thick iron armour that represents strength and loyalty. Amongst Cards, loyalty is paramount.
The Firesnake- A massive (130–150 metres long) snake made from magma and fire. This represents rage and military might.
The Maiden of the Grove- A tree spirit that embodies the freedom of Pyrocardia. This figure comes in conflict with the Firesnake.
Orcinus- A kilometre long whale made of silver that represents the bounty and preciousness of water.
Most passtimes and miscellaneous acts are done electronically. Technological devices form the most part of life in Pyrocardia, with cellphones being the main form of communications amongst politicians and civilians alike. Video games, especially first-person shooters, are a common passtime amongst Pyrocardians, as well as being the main font for military operations. All Pyrocardians currently use Blackberry Smartphones and Blackberry Messenger is the official mode of communication.

Overall, Pyrocardia does not resemble any macronational entity culturally, though aspects of the military come from an earlier micronation (2009-2011) of which du Toit was Vice Commander (Nadler-nir was also briefly part of this micronation). The rigorous training has persuaded the Supreme Dictator to forego any formal military training. The Supreme Dictator has also borrowed the concept of Pyrocardia's melee weapons from the earlier micronation. A change has taken place in Pyrocardia and the Dictator has decided to run his nation under a Meta-Medieval theme, with weapons and customs being vaguely reminiscent of Medieval Europe and luxuries such as electronic appliances are borrowed from the 21st century.

Honour Code

The Honour Code of Pyrocardia is based upon 8 rules/virtues. If broken, one must only be ashamed and seek to redeem one's honour.
1. Unless a jab has been made at one's honour or heritage, do not engage anyone in combat
2. One shall fight on equal terms
3. No man is left behind
4. One shall be benevolent, even to one's opponents
5. Respect one's superiors and be loyal to your commanding officer(s)
6. Be proud and brave even in defeat
7. Be honest
8. Seek to better one's own knowledge as well as that of others