Dictatorship of Luxe

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Dictatorship of Luxe is the architect of an unrecognized state.

Dictatorship of Luxe


Armi, soldi, potere
Marcia imperiale

Mappa luxe.png
Capital cityRuins ofLuxe
Official language(s)Italian
Official religion(s)Animism
Short nameLuxe
- DictatorVladimir Piasente
- GeneralFilippo Abramov
Time zone(UTC: +1:00)
This country is not recognized


In 2020 Vladimir Piasente, after having stopped presenting himself to state activities due to repeated failures in the economic field, decided to abandon and dismiss himself from the activities without revoking his citizenship, he returned to Luxe threatening the president and the prime minister. During a discussion on Hangouts, he said he wanted to arrest every member of the government and military and to empty the state coffers. To an agent El belonging to the Intelligence department he told the desire to want to take power, also offering money to that man in exchange for information. The government does not give weight to his words even if he threatens fire if he enters the Luxese territory, as he has been banished by Luxe. According to Piasente, he would have gathered a large group of men even if the state believes it is not true. To date, the rebel has not marched on state soil for the Corona Virus emergency