Democratic Soviet People's Republic of Kozuc

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Democratic People's Republic of Kozuc
Flag of Skendal and Unified Kozuc.png

Long Live Skendal!
in progress
Capital cityZendal
Largest cityZendal
Official language(s)English
Short nameSkendal
DemonymSkendalian, West Kozuc
GovernmentAthenian Democracy
CurrencyKozuc Peso

The Democratic Soviet People's Republic of Kozuc, better known as Skendal, and sometimes refered to as West Kozuc was a micronation in Central California that bordered the Empire of Kozuc. Skendal had about 5 acres of territory claimed in California. The micronation consisted of the backyards of two citizens, Everett Millet and Austin Aldridge and a local park. The nation was annexed by the Empire, but soon split and became the People's Republic of Skendal.