Democratic Republic of the Wyoming Peoples

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The Republic (DRWP)

"Your Purpose to Live is to Die"


My Country Tis of Thee

Capital City Otisburg
Largest City Sarah
Official Language(s) English, Spanish, German
Official Religion(s) Baptist Christianity, Latter-day Saint
Short Name Republika
Demonym Republican
Government Democratic Republic
Vice President Jacob LeForce
President Brandon Swigart
Legislature House of the Peoples
Established 2019
Area Claimed 1.43 Acres
Population 40 (July 2020 Census) (Estimate)
Currency US. Dollar, Otisc Rzhine (Worth $1.16 in US.)
Time Zone (GMT-6+16) Republican Time Zone
National Sport La Cross
National Animal Midget Faded Rattlesnake
Patron Saint Halie Henderson
This Nation is a member of the Micronational Association of Defence (M.A.D)

The Democratic Republic of the Wyoming Peoples, more commonly known as The Republic, is a micronation in Wyoming. The Nation was founded 2 October 2016, But a Government coup created The current Government on 28 May 2020.

The Republic is a Democratic Republic, electing presidents every 16 months. The Current President is Brandon Swigart. The opinion of the Delphian independence movement has been undecided. We are Currently neutral until further notice.

The Republic Requires any Trader beside its allies, to pay to import products.


Quarantine lengthened to 28 July due to sudden rise of COVID-19 due to release in tensions of Social distancing policies.

Live COVID-19 counter

Infected 6 Dead 0 Recovered 5


The Name "The Republic" came from the type of Government the micronation has.


  • Zerbia's account is Terminated; Revolution Wins.
  • The United Patriots Form.
  • United Patriots turns into the Kingdom of Obkazh.
  • King Swigart the 1st Resigns his rule, and becomes president of the Republic of Obkazh.
  • President Brandon Swigart adds a new state: New Maggie.
  • Obkazh Becomes the United Principalities of Obkazh.
  • United Republics of Michigan Befriends The UPO.
  • The Republic forms,officially going up the democracy scale, to a Flawed Democracy.
  • The Republic become a Democratic Republic, becomes a full Democracy.

Politics and government

We are a Democratic Republic. No, That does NOT mean we are Democratic. It means we are a Full Democracy. The Republic has 4 houses; The House of Justice, The House of Freedom, The House of the Peoples, and The House of Agriculture.

Law and order

Law and Order is maintained by the House of Justice. In the Republic, Prison, Juvy, Jail, Prison Camps, or any other captivity is banded in all 16 Districts. The Punishment is a belt covered with fine Fiberglass on it. The amount of whips depend on how severe the punishment is. If someone does homicide, they are tied down, and there knees are shattered with an average sledge hammer. Then, a piece of Barbed wire is shoved up and down the Anus, for about 15 minutes. Then, they are left under a tree to rot, or try to walk away with shattered knees. Capital Punishment is illegal, mostly execution.

Foreign relations

These are the top 5 best allies and worst enemies: WARNING; NO MEANING TO INSULT.

Best allies;

  1. United Republics of Michigan
  2. The Kingdom of Wolfmania
  3. The Kingdom of Ooflania
  4. The Republic of Mowana
  5. The Socialist Republic of Chazia

Worst Enemies;

  1. Seldavia
  2. Sondonesia
  3. United Ocean States
  4. Noastan
  5. Sealand


The Republic Surprisingly has stayed out of wars for the most part. On July 4, 2020, The Paige War Was a war declared from the Republic of Mowana on The Kingdom of Adontia. On July 7, The Republic joined. On July 10th, 2020, also known as Wyoming's independence day,Adontia Surrendered. Later that day, Adontia Declared war on Mowana, Sparking the Second Paige War. The Republic Will be joining Mowana's side again.

The Republic man Stats

Total (Military): 23 Navy: 15 Army: 5 Air Force: 2 Coast Guard: 1

Navy Vessels (Any Boat): 3 Army Vehicles: 4 Airplanes (small): 6 Aircraft: Null