Democratic Republic of Vetnicia

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The Democratic Republic of Vetnicia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Pór je Pulikum!"
Anthem: N/A
Territories of Vetnicia
and largest city
Official languagesVetnician
Recognised regional languagesVetnician
Secularized State
GovernmentProletarian Democracy
• State Representative
• Head of Government
• Head of Agriculture
• Head of Economy
• Head of Military
LegislatureWorkers' Assembly
Establishment24 August 2022
• Total
0.6 km2 (0.23 sq mi)
• 2022 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
HDI (2022)0.162
Time zoneCET

The Democratic Republic of Vetnicia, otherwise known as Vetnicia, is a micronation in the european region of Central Europe. The Democratic Republic of Vetnicia declared independence from Germany on 24 August 2022 after a brutal fall of another micronation, Skau. Its history starts with the dismantelment of the Democratic Workers Republic of Skau, after that, Vetnicia was born. It was founded on 24th August 2022, leading into minor expansion, but then running into a civil war. Eventually, the red fraction would be kicked out of homeland Vetnicia. It turned into an exiled government. After the other fractions fell apart, the Constitution would be written. A month after the foundation of Vetnicia, the constitution would be finished. Onto other topics, Vetnicia is home to 10 inhabitants and a permanent population of 12.

Vetnicia is a direct democracy, in which certain policies are legislatively decided by an assembly of some sort, but it's not a full direct democracy, but rather a proletarian democracy, in which the workers have their own assembly, and they get to decide on policies and judicial occupations. The workers also get to decide on assignment of Jobs.

Vetnicia has built up relations with other micronations, the Socialist Republic of Ajams and it doesn't really rely on organizations, but it does want to join an organization of micronationalists. Vetnicia has three reserves and three personnel. A total of six troops.


(or, where appropriate, Name)

The micronation is home to the Vetnician Language and is the priority of the nation. Vetnicia in its native language is "Wētnijor" Wētnij - or, Wētnij is the Term of the Vetnician People and their settlement in early 2022, first being against the Democratic Workers Republic of Skau, protesting against them, but then turning away from that. The Suffix -Or means Land or Ground, bringing these two together makes it "Wētnijor"


Founded on 24 August 2022

On 24th August 2022, Avāl would establish the Democratic Republic of Vetnicia digitally. This eventually would result in infighting along many fractions. In the start, two fractions, The Liberal and the Red would begin fighting. This would eventually lead into alot more chaos when the Red Fraction would begin commiting war crimes. The nation would continue fighting for ages.

Microwiki page made on 26 August 2022

While the Red Fraction would be battling, Avāl, General of the Wālttbattalion (Forest Battalion) would begin writing the Microwiki page two days after the foundation. The Liberals demanded inclusion of the Fraction, Nationalists would demand it aswell, which all led down to chaos, and the Red Fraction would exclude the Liberals and Nationalists from the Page.

Vetnician Red Fraction kicked out of mainland Vetnicia, new mainland established on 2 Semptember 2022

Eventually, the Liberals and Nationalists grouped up their troops to kick out the Red Fraction, While being exiled, the Liberals and Nationalists would make the territories turn into complete anarchy due to the fighting. Constitution writing beginning on 17 September 2022

After all chaos, Avāl would begin writing the Constitution in Late September, which marked the foundation of Vetnicia officially.

Expansion 22 September 2022

Ground forces would push onto the road and expand throughout the new territories. Eventually, all claimed territories would be annexed and integrated into the Democratic Republic of Vetnicia.

Constitution finished 24 September 2022

The Written constitution would finish on the 24th September 2022, thus completing the foundation of the Democratic Republic of Vetnicia.

Absolute Sodalicism formed 7 October 2022


Politics and government

The Democratic Republic of Vetnicia is a Direct Democracy, in which all policies will be decided by an assembly of the people, though the people are the working class of the nation. There is no parliament and currently we'll have to elect our leader.

Law and order

All judicial topics are decided by the Workers' Assembly. By constitutional means must the workers control all legislative and judicial parts of the nation. The Police are constitutionally somewhat protected, only in large cases being dismissed..

Foreign relations

Two days after the constitution was finished, Vetnicia built up relations with the Socialist Republic of Ajams, a micronation yet to write their page. This started the Proletarian Diplomacy, which led into the diplomatic illusions of September, in which Vetnicia was too caught up in different places.


The Democratic Republic of Vetnicia owns six total personnel, three reserves due to inprisoment, three active personnel, which will be increased after the three reserve personnel get released from prison, due to their war crimes in the civil war of Vetnicia. Vetnicia, though with its size, has a weak military. All that is coupled with military is made up of the Workers Millita. The Workers Mllitia was formed during the civil war of Vetnicia, after a while, this became what the military is today.

Geography and climate

This is the map of Vetnicia, it's located in Germany

Vetnicia is a temperate nation, meaning the climate is generally pretty well for rural workers, as this climate is a well climate for Agronomy. A downside is this well weather is outstanding for a possible invasion.


As of now, the economy and its largest sectors are very limited, as trade is not a large profession in the nation. The Largest sector is private funds, which once exceeded to €40. The Public Bank, which Jōs Māristia-Lēninistja runs, controls all wealth that the Workers decide to give up. Taxation is nearly non-existent, which will only be on 25% on the Government members, if they exceed over €100. The official currency is euro, as no other currency can be appointed.

Culture and media

The Broadcasting Services of Vetnician Radios control all media. It is denied private funds, only public. Politicans are banned from donating publically.