Democratic Republic of Rhuys

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Democratic Republic of Rhuys


Coat of arms
Motto: « Faire progresser le socialisme ! »
Anthem: Call of Comrades
[[File:Rhuys's peninsula, next to French Brittany |frameless|upright=1.15]]
Largest citySarzeau
Official languagesFrench
GovernmentUnitary dominant-party socialist constitutional republic
• Supreme Leader
Ulysse Waroch
• President of the Republic
Ulysse Waroch
• President of the Executive Commission
LegislaturePeople's Parliament
Establishment11 march 2020
• Census
very high
CurrencyEuro (de facto)
Time zoneUTC+1

The Democratic Republic of Rhuys (French: République démocratique de Rhuys), (breton : Republik Demokratel Rewiz) is a unitary dominant-party socialist constitutional republic. It is located in the Rhuys's peninsula in France. The capital city of Rhuys is Abélard (also called Saint Gildas de Rhuys).

The Democratic Republic of Rhuys is the continuation of the People's Socialist Republic of Xabarstan transformed in the Principality of Rhuys, the November 28, 2021. The state was restored on December 9 but the name was changed to better match the local culture.

Socialist Workers' Party

Logo of te Progress Xabarstan Party
  • Party name : Socialist Workers' Party
  • Foundation : March 11, 2020 (under the name of Revolutionary Communist Party)
  • General Secretary : Ulysse Bujak
  • Political position : Far-left
  • Ideologies : State socialism, breton nationalism, scientific socialism, revolutionary socialism, humanism and progressivism
  • Colour : Red (sometime yellow)
  • Motto : "Socialism is the Only Way !"

The Socialist Workers' Party is currently the only political party of the Democratic Republic of Rhuys. His official ideology is the Jucheism, scientific and revolutionary version of the socialism, who wishes to build a human society. The party responds perfectly to the wishes of the people.

Public holidays

List of public holidays of the Democratic Republic of Rhuys :

  • New Year's Day : 1 January
  • International Women's Day : 8 March
  • Foundation of the People's Socialist Republic of Xarbarstan : 11 March
  • Paris commune foundation : 18 March
  • Fête des symboles nationaux : 28 March
  • International Workers' Day : 1 May
  • Victory days : 8 & 9 May
  • National Children's Day : 6 June
  • First International : 28 september
  • National Women's Day : 20 October
  • Mother's Day : 16 November
  • Restauration day : 9 December

Politics and administration of the nation

Rhuys is a people's democratic state ruled by the revolutionary ideas of socialism. The political system is a unitary dominant-party socialist constitutional republic. The objective of this nation is to establish a democratic nation, just and respectful of human rights as well as an egalitarian state where all citizens realized that the human being is master of everything and decides everything.

Foreign Relations

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