Democratic Republic of Lastela

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Democratic Republic of Lastela

Nous sommes la vérité (We are the truth)
O Our Dear Lastela
A house in penzance (Whoever finds it will have free overseas citizenship)
Capital cityMy bedroom
Largest cityFrontroom (in size) My parents' room (in population)
Official language(s)English, French
Recognised languagesEvery language my family knows + Lasteli
Official religion(s)Cevritism, (some religion I made up) christianity, Islam
Short nameLastela
- PresidentLowen Billinger
- PresidentLowen Billinger
LegislatureLasteli Senate
- Type - Senate
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - 25th October 2020
EstablishedOctober 25th 2020
Area claimedAbout 30 meters
Population4 They are all part of my family (and myself)
Time zoneGMT+5:25 (Lasteli Standard Time. Has Daylight Saving Time.)
National sportChess (does that count?)
National dishSpagbowl
National drinkLemonade
National animalOstrich
Patron saintSaint Isaac

The Democratic Republic of Lastela is a micronation based in the town of Penzance, Cornwall.