Delegates Convention of New Arbaro

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Delegates Convention of the Co-Operative State of New Arbaro
I Legislature
TypeUnicameral legislature
Chief DelegateJack McLarnon, Worker
1st Superior Delegatevacant
2nd Superior Delegatevacant
Members10 Delegates
Delegates Convention political groups     Syndicalist (4)
     Workers (4)
     Social-Democratic (2)

The Delegates Convention of New Arbaro is the executive of the State. It consists in 10 Delegates elected by the citizens. These Delegates elect the Chief Delegate, who acts as the head of Government of New Arbaro, in co-operation with all the other delegates.


I Legislature of the Delegates Convention
Parties Delegates Speaker Total
Syndicalist Gaia Grìbhinneach
Benjamin Saleh
Spooky Makaabe
Eeko Ekstre Mist
Gaia Grìbhinneach 4
Workers Jack McLarnon
Johann Kümmel
John Reid
Jack McLarnon 4
Social-Democratic Matthew Xia
Natsuki Chiba
Matthew Xia 2