December 2021 Belcityan presidential elections

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2021 Belcityan presidential election, December 2021

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Candidate Lorenzo Marquez Joel Eisenreich Asaniwater
Party Belcityan National Congress Belcityan German-Democratic Party Belcityan Cheese Party
Home state Cameretta N/A N/A
Running mate N/A N/A N/A
Popular vote 9 7 2
Percentage 50.00% 38.89% 11.11%

Candidate Hansheila
Party Belcity Primitive Party
Home state N/A
Running mate N/A
Popular vote 0
Percentage 0.00%

President before election

Tobey Wyles

Elected President

Lorenzo Marquez
Belcityan National Congress

December 2021 Belcityan presidential elections saw the victory of Lorenzo Marquez and a turnout of 17 people out of 45, meaning 37.77% of the population.