December 2020 House Holdian Labor Party leadership spill

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December 2020 House Hold Labor Party leadership spill
← July 2020 12 December 2020
Candidate Fox Fox Forest Ferret
Caucus vote 11 9
Percentage 55.0% 45.0%

Leader before election

Fox Fox

Elected Leader

Fox Fox

December 2020 House Hold Labor Party leadership spill
← July 2020 12 December 2020
Candidate Trunky Elephant Spill Motion
Caucus vote 14 6
Percentage 70.0% 30.0%

Deputy Leader before election

Puff Puffin

Elected Deputy Leader

Trunky Elephant

A leadership spill for leader of the Labor Party. The ballot took at 7:30pm on 7 December 2020. It was held after 3 members of the party publicly said that Prime Minister Fox Fox should resign

After the leadership election Fox Fox added reforms that change elections for leader to a membership vote.


For months most pundits and polls have predicted a Coalition landslide despite Prime Minister Fox Fox being 10% ahead as preferred Prime Minister. At 4:45pm on 7 December DNN had reported that Forrest Ferret was going to challenge for leader. Polls had taken a farther drop and most forecast showed Labor would only win about 5 seats in the 25 seat House of Representatives. At 7:30 that night Ferret announced that he would challenge for Labor leader.


All 21 members of the Labor party in the House of Representatives and the Senate could vote, 11 votes were needed to win the ballot. 20 of 21 members of the caucus voted in the spill with Fox Fox winning the ballot 11 votes to 9 votes Forest Ferret. After the vote for deputy Prime Minister was held. Trunky Elephant was elected 14 votes to 6 for the Spill Motion.


After the spill Ferret congratulated Fox and but would not say if he would challenge in the future.