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The Honourable
Fox Fox
Member of parliament
Fox Fox 2018.png
Fox in 2018
12th Prime Minister of House Hold
Assumed office
10 July 2020
MonarchQueen Nina
DeputyTrunky Elephant
Governor GeneralBlue Star
Preceded byRufus Wolf
Deputy Prime Minister of House Hold
Assumed office
2 December 2019 - 10 July 2020
Preceded byMoses Elephant
Leader of the House Hold Labor Party
Assumed office
10 July 2020
Preceded byRufus Wolf
Attorney-General of House Hold
In office
14 October 2020 – 19 October 2019
Preceded byMoses Elephant
Succeeded byDimo Reptile
In office
25 July 2019 – 12 October 2019
Succeeded byForest Ferret
Member of Parliament
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Assumed office
20 June 2017
Personal details
Fox Johnson Fox

16 July 2015
New York City, New York, United States
Political partyLabor
La La (m. 2019)
ResidencesPrint, Playroom
EducationInstitute of Dinosaur Research

Fox Fox (born 16 July 2015) is a House Holdian politician who is the 12th and current Prime Minister of House Hold. He became Prime Minister after the June 2020 election when Labor leader Rufus Wolf lost his seat yet the party won the election. He lead the Labor party to victory in the September 2020 election.

Fox was born in New York City and he came to House Hold on 16 July 2020. He has lived in Play for his whole life and went to University of Play were he studied Biology. He joined Labor in 2016 and often volunteered for the party. He became famous after he wrote a report on Snow Geese. Fox was elected to the House of Representatives for the seat of Play West in the Labor landside of 2017. After Labor returned to power in June 2020, he became the Treasurer, and he later became the Attorney-General after the October 2019 election but was only in the role for 5 days because of the government's defeat in a motion of no confidence. After Labor won over the support of the Social Libertarians in December 2019, Fox became the Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader. He became Prime Minister in July 2020.

Early life and education

Fox was born in New York City and moved to Play.

Fox grew up in the Play suburb of Print.

Early career

After he went to school he did 1 year research on Snow Geese. The report put him in the national spot light and many wanted him to run for parliament and become Health Minister. In an interview with BNN he said "I am a biologist not a politician. Besides, I love my city and work."

In late 2016 he became a big supporter of the New constitution and House Hold independence. He worked for the independence campaign

In 2017 he announced that he would run for the seat of Play North but would continue his work on Geese.

Political career

Labor Government (2017-2018)

On 11 May 2017, Fox announced that he would contest the seat of Play West. He won the Labor primary for the seat on 6 June 2017 by a 75-25 margin. He was a backbench MP until the resignation of Prime Minister Ewing when new Prime Minster Rufus Wolf appointed him as the Chief Whip of the Government.

Opposition (2018-2019)

Labor Government (2019-2020)

Prime Minister (2020-Present)

Personal life

Fox and La La got married after marriage was legalized in September 2019. He and La La had been living together since 2018.