Davian Empire

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Davische Rijk

Motto: Dominus illuminatio mea
Musical Anthem: Confutatis
Capital Siegfriedstad
Religion: Davian Catholicism, Davian Paganism
Language Dutch
Area: 781,8 km²
Leadership Siegfried of Dave

The Great Empire of the Island of Dave, commonly known as the Davian Empire for short, was a short-lived empire based in Dave, Belgium. It succeeded a military order after its founder retired. Th nation is located on the Island of Dave in the Belgian river the Meuse (Dutch: Maas).


The Davian Empire claimed the balleny islands It ceased it claims on the Belgian island of Dave after becoming an empire.


The culture of the Davian Empire was mostly Dutch, with some other European influences.


The anthem of the empire was Confutatis, composed by Mozart.

Confutatis maledictis,
When the damned are cast away
Flammis acribus addictis,
and consigned to the searing flames,
Voca me cum benedictus.
call me to be with the blessed.
Oro supplex et acclinis,
Bowed down in supplication I beseech Thee,
Cor contritum quasi cinis:
my heart as though ground to ashes:
Gere curam mei finis.
Help me in my final hour.