Danubian Multinational Cooperative

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Danubian Multinational Cooperative
Official logo

Headquarters Email

Official language English

Membership 2 member states
2 observers

Secretary General N/a

Foundation 31 July 2015


The Danubian Multinational Cooperative (DMC) is a micronational organisation whose goal is to prevent land claim disputes between the many Danubian nations and solve the problem without war or other conflict.



The DMC was established on 31 July 2015 after Nedlandic president Ned Gunderson proposed the idea of an organisation to solve Danubian land claim disputes to Danubian leaders Cianan of Valkadia and Humanytarian president Radia I. As both had been thinking of founding an organisation such as this, they finally agreed on the name of the DMC and began sending out invitations to join.




Former Members

Entry requirements

The DMC recognises the land claims of all members, and no others. If one is to join, they must change their land claims if they are in dispute with a DMC member state. If their claims are accepted by the DMC, they will receive an official document with approval of their claims, officially stating their entry.

DMC Charter


A secretary general is yet to be appointed.

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