Daniel Webber

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Daniel Webber
President of NED
In office
2005 - 2006
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Nathan Webber

Daniel Webber was the first President of NED, a role that he established first only to organize a faction in an internal dispute, but which developed during his Presidency into a major micro state and creating the branch of the Mohawk Nation known as the Southern Mohawks. He created several of the offices that would last until the end of NED, including the Army and the Head of Recruitment. He also conquered and unified the main heartland of NED and later DEONQED.

Presidency of NED

Daniel is credited in his rule for unifying the Southern Mohawks. After being elected by his brother Nathan Webber and Will McCracken as President of NED in the winter of 2005, he allowed the Littles, who were to be the second generation of the Southern Mohawks, to become members of NED after his annexation of the whole of Spoliarium Magna. Following the First NED - Avranches War, he had confirmed his conquest of Spoliarium Magna, and allowed the girls to also join NED.

During his rule, he promoted Will McCracken to the post of Head of Recruitment, starting his micronational career as he was the main source of recruits during the Webber rule of NED. He also created the NED Army, which although being simply armed in his rule, would later become the most experienced, well trained and well equipped army in the history of micronationalism. He appointed his brother Nathan as the first General of this army.

Following his unification of the Southern Mohawks and his conquests in the summer of 2006, he stepped down as President of NED, triggering an election. His brother Nathan won that election.

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