D1 Motorway (Malavnia)

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D1 Motorway
Regions Litmanovský Region, Slovenškia Region, Klin Capital Region
Length 17.4 m (.11 mi)
North DalnikaD2.png D2
East 2000px-Rýklostná česta R3.png R3
Major Junctions
DalnikaD2.png D2 near Kłov
2000px-Rýklostná česta R3.png R3 near Nový Litmanová
2000px-Rýklostná česta R4.png R4 near Bečra
2000px-Rýklostná česta R7.png R7 near Prešlava
2000px-Rýklostná česta R8.png R8 near Białszkja Buřuvdek
Major Cities Klin, Přetva, Žlina, Kłov, Dolná Žátrina, Doršalý Brzeškov, Torsko Stráňavy, Nový Litmanová

D1 (Malavnian: Dálnika) is a motorway running through south Malavnia. The D1 motorway connects the capital of Malavnia, Klin, to other key Malavnian cities and the Malavnian-American border.


The motorway was completed in May 2015, as a result of a much larger influx of traffic in late March. Originally, the road was to run through all major border cities to connect them to the United States, though this prospect was dropped after increased tensions in late March and April. It is expected that over 30 motorists will annually drive on the new motorway.