Cyberian Oligarchy

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This article was originally writen from the position of those opposing the government of the VCC. Due to recent events, it is mostly of historical interest.

In the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia, the Oligarchy was a name used by a series of would-be reformers to refer to the entrenched power structure of the country. The most prominent member of the Oligarchy was held by the reformist elements to have been Alan Grieve, although others had been permitted to rule in name.

The Oligarchs considered themselves to be the "Original Cyberians" or the only "True Cyberians", and were thus permitted to manipulate the laws, courts and institutions of Cyberia to suit themselves. The Oligarchs frequently feuded among themselves, but united to frustrate reformers such as Michael Rosario, Mike Phyle and Geoffrey T. Spaulding.

The Oligarchy had become adept at manipulating other micronations and multi-micronational institutions into asissting them in their goals. One of the Oligarchy's projects was the revision of Cyberian history to either eliminate mention of their rivals or to cast the reformists efforts into the worst light possible.

The reformists elements formed the Federal Republic of Cyberia.

The matter of the Oligarchy was thought to be of little interest to all but historians until July 11, 2007, when the Oligarchy allegedly overthrew and attempted to arrest President Zach Anderson of the VCC. Mr. Anderson resigned his office on July 16 and left the country.

Senior members of the government of the VCC stated that:

1- Zach (Anderson) is no longer a citizen of the VCC. 2- Zach violated the constitution when he refused to answer questions in the Assembly. 3- He committed perjury in the Supreme Court. 4- He might even have been able to stay as President even if he was convicted of perjury.

It should be noted that the allegations of numbers 2 & 3 above were never adjudicated, due to President Anderson leaving the country.

It should be further noted that according to sources outside of the VCC, the senior members of the VCC government carried out the actions characterised as an alleged coup d'etat, and that one of these received higher office as a result of these actions.

As only one of those formerly considered to be Oligarchs remains in the VCC at the time of this update,(due to the resignation of CJ Grieve) the continued existence of the Oligarchy is unlikely.