Crown Republic of Dorssa

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Crown Republic of Dorssa
Dorssian: Ówn Eubplić da Dorssa
Polish: Korona Republika Dorsy
Motto: Semper esto fidelis Deo et populo
Be always Faithful to God and People
Anthem: Óg atyj nás (Dorssian)
God save us
LocationLondon, England w:England
Vaindloo, Estonia w:Estonia
Kogajajima, Japan w:Japan
Kopytkowo, Poland w:Poland
Wycinki, Poland w:Poland
Rockall, Scotland w:Scotland
Bir Tawil
Largest cityNorthcotebourg
Official languagesDorssian, English, Polish
GovernmentElective monarchy
• King
Artur I
Przemysław Mazur
• Established
11 November 2022
• Dissolved
5 April 2023
• Total
11 km2 (4.2 sq mi)
• 2023 census
CurrencyPound sterling (£)
Polish złoty (PLN)
Time zoneGMT, CET, EET, JST
DST is not used
Date formatddmmyyyy
Driving sidemixed
Calling code(de facto) +372
(de facto) +81
(de facto) +48
(de facto) +44
(de jure) none
Internet TLD(de facto) .ee
(de facto) .jp
(de facto) .pl
(de facto) .uk
(de jure) none

The Crown Republic of Dorssa (Dorssian: Ówn Eubplić da Dorssa; Polish: Korona Republika Dorsy [kɔˈrɔ.na rɛˈ ˈdɔr.sɨ]), or simply Dorssa (Dorssian: Dorssa; Polish: Dorsa [ˈdɔ]), was a micronation primarily located in the United Kingdom, but also claiming land in Estonia, and Poland.


The Grand Republic of Dorssa was established on 11 November 2022. It was disestablished on 5 April 2023.



Dorssa was an elective monarchy. The King of Dorssa was Artur I.

Foreign relations


Administrative divisions

The Grand Republic of Dorssa was divided into 13 states, each of which was ruled by a Minister. The Ministers, all working under the Prime Minister, currently Przemysław Mazur, hold their meetings at the unicameral legislature of Dorssa, named "d'Ęjat".

States of Dorssa
Flag Arms State Seat Population Area Macronational location
File:Flag of Bramshill Road.png File:Coat of arms of Bramshill Road.png Bramshill Road St. Twothholme 24 1,978 m²  England
File:Flag of Daming.png File:Coat of arms of Daming.png Daming Harlesdenoburg 7 511 m²  England
File:Flag of East Gobotyr.png File:Coat of arms of East Gobotyr.png East Gobotyr Kopytkowo 9 389 m²  Poland
File:Flag of East Wycinki.png File:Coat of arms of East Wycinki.png East Wycinki Derduk 12 510 m²  Poland
File:Flag of Glaber.png File:Coat of arms of Glaber.png Glaber Arkordia 6 400 m²  England
File:Flag of Dorssian Kogajajima.png File:Coat of arms of Dorssian Kogajajima.png Kogajajima n/a 7 0,5 km²  Japan
File:Flag of North Caldon.png File:Coat of arms of North Caldon.png North Caldon Illexourg 15 531 m²  England
File:Flag of Rockall.png File:Coat of arms of Rockall.png Rockall Rockall 13 784,3 m²  Scotland
File:Flag of South Caldon.png File:Coat of arms of South Caldon.png South Caldon Northcotebourg 11 1.541 m²  England
File:Flag of Veindloo.png File:Coat of arms of Veindloo.png Veindloo Kåårlestern 5 454 m²  Estonia
File:Flag of West Gobotyr.png File:Coat of arms of West Gobotyr.png West Gobotyr Belemnite Town 15 380 m²  Poland
File:Flag of West Wycinki.png File:Coat of arms of West Wycinki.png West Wycinki Ichellon 7 498 m²  Poland
File:Flag of Dorssian Bir Tawil.png File:Coat of arms of Dorssian Bir Tawil.png Bir Tawil n/a 100 2.060 km² Terra nullius



The official religion of the Grand Republic of Dorssa was Roman Catholicism.


The official languages of the Grand Republic of Dorssa were Dorssian, English, and Polish.