County of Weiße Decke

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Weiße Decke
2 cities and 2 Towns within red area
2 cities and 2 Towns within red area
CountryKingdom of Abrus
Capital of CountyBexley
Founded22 February 2016
Founded bySean E Cavanaugh
 • SenatorAlexis Moore MP
 (February 2016)
 • Total0
Time zoneAntarctic Abranian Standard Time
(2 Hours Behind EST)

The County of Weiße Decke [ˈvaɪ.sə ˈdɛ.kə] is an Abranian county in the land in Antarctica known as "Marie Byrd land". Weiße Decke was founded on 22 February 2016 by Sean Cavanugh and annexed on the same day! In the future, Abrus plans to possibly inhabit the county and harvest some of the natural resources for the benefit of the nation.

Geography and Climate

Weiße Decke is located in the Antarctic land known as "Marie Byrd Land" only half of the land was claimed on 22/2/2016. The Climate is an extreme cold climate with the warmest month under 10 °C. The county also consists of 4 cities/towns with Bexley being the biggest!


Name Type Citizens Potential Pop. Mayor
Bexley City 0 Citizens 1000 Empty Position
Victoria city 0 Citizens 900 Empty Position
Fairmill Town 0 Citizens 900 Empty Position
Erith Town 0 Citizens 700 Empty Position

Cities/Towns in the county


On 22 February 2016, The Governor General of Abrus Sean Cavanaugh annexed the land in which the county stands in order to expand borders and to possibly set more goals for the future of the nation.


The name Weiße Decke is German for "White Blanket" As Antarctica is for the most part covered in a "blanket" of snow for the majority of the time.


On 9 March 2016, Alexis Moore was elected Senator representing the Liberal Party of Abrus.