Country of Aresia

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The Country of Aresia on the Aresian Colony of Mars, or informally called the Aresian Colony of Mars, is a micronation based on discord [1]. It was started by Co-Owner Count Nick after he was bannished out of the Country of Reddit.

Country of Aresia on the Aresia Colony of Mars
File:Mars, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy
Official languagesEnglish [Official], Martian [Official], Greek [Unofficial]
LegislatureRepresentative Democracy and Direct Democracy
• Census
Est. 15 Astronauts
CurrencyAresian Dollars (ARD)

Government and Politics

Aresian Charter:[2]. Aresian Law System:[3]

Political Parties


Law and Order

Aresian Law System:[5]

Foreign Relations

The Country of Reddit: Aresia has had an extremely polarized view of the people of Redditopia, while on one hand many of the founders of Aresia are former Redditopians with much heritage tied up there, the treatmant of the Aresian people by Redditopian Officials has been horrid and unforgiveable. Many citizens of Aresa view Redditopian as a cancerous and horrid place, whilst others view a somewhat lukewarm opinion.


-Count Nick/Baron Rick/Alexander the Great Jr. - Co-Owner/Co-Founder of the Colony/Nation along with Typhlosion.

-Typhlosion/Ty Ty Bye Bye/Chat Lord Warrior - Co-Owner of the Colony/Nation along with Count Nick

-Oparon/Opioid Crisis/Robot Chancellor - Co-Founder and Head Mod of Aresia.