Council of State (Parvussia)

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Parvussian Council of State
Founded21 November 2022 (2022-11-21)
Fiesta I
Glory to our Glorious Land
Meeting place
Council of Parvussia Building and Online Meeting

The Parvussia Council of State is the legislative council in the Kingdom of Parvussia. It was established by King Fiesta I. The council was founded on 21 November 2022 by His Majesty’s command. The Parvussian Council of State is the same as the Supreme Council of State of Siam.


The Parvussian Council of State, a legislative body of paramount importance within the Kingdom of Parvussia, plays a pivotal role in shaping the nation's policies and governance. Established by the direct command of His Majesty King Fiesta I on the momentous date of 21 November 2022, this council stands as a testament to the monarch's dedication to fostering a robust and representative system of governance.

In its formation, the Parvussian Council of State draws inspiration from the venerable Supreme Council of State of Siam, embracing time-honored traditions and principles that have guided nations for centuries. The council serves as a beacon of continuity, linking the Kingdom of Fiesta to a rich legacy of governance structures.

Comprising eight distinguished members, the council brings together a diverse array of voices and expertise. Each member contributes a unique perspective and skill set, collectively shaping the legislative landscape of the Kingdom. This assembly of minds and talents reflects a commitment to a well-rounded, inclusive decision-making process that takes into account the myriad needs and aspirations of the Kingdom's populace.

As the Parvussian Council of State assumes its role as a guardian of governance, it upholds principles of democracy, accountability, and collaboration. Beyond the individual contributions of its members, the council operates as a cohesive unit dedicated to advancing the Kingdom's prosperity and safeguarding the welfare of its citizens.

In summary, the Parvussian Council of State is more than a legislative body; it is a living embodiment of the Kingdom's commitment to progressive governance, ensuring that the voices of its people resonate in the halls of power, thereby fostering a thriving and harmonious Kingdom of Parvussia.

Name Note
King Fiesta I President of the Supreme Council of State
Toeik, 1st Duke of Starcaster Member
Summer, 1st Duke of Stormforge Member
Diamond, 1st Duke of Caleston Member
Note, 1st Marquess of Lunarisca Member
Riw, 1st Count of Stellarham Member
Jesse, 2nd Viscount Faetheria Member
Sydney, 1st Viscount Stonewallfort Member
Buddy, 1st Viscount Frostwindor Member
Sir Eik Supon Member


The establishment of the Parvussian Council of State on 21 November 2022, commanded by His Majesty King Fiesta I, serves as a pivotal institution for the Kingdom's governance. This august council stands as a dedicated space where the monarch can engage in consultations, meetings, and discussions with its esteemed members.

With its foundation rooted in the directives of the sovereign, the council becomes a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas, policy formulation, and strategic planning. The King's ability to convene with the council members underscores a commitment to collaborative decision-making, ensuring that the perspectives and insights of key stakeholders are considered in matters of national importance.

As a platform for discourse, the council becomes the conduit through which the monarch can harness the collective wisdom and expertise of its diverse members. This inclusive approach to governance aligns with the broader vision of a Kingdom that values participatory decision-making and recognizes the importance of a multifaceted dialogue in shaping the nation's trajectory.

In essence, the Parvussian Council of State is not only a legislative body but a symbol of the Kingdom's commitment to transparency, collaboration, and effective governance. It stands as a testament to the monarch's dedication to creating a system that reflects the aspirations and values of the people of Parvussia.