Corps of Diplomats of Wellmoore

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His Majesty's Corps of Diplomats is the organisation responsible for the gaining of and maintaining of diplomatic relations for the Kingdom of Wellmoore.

His Majesty's Corps of Diplomats
Corpo de Diplomatas de Sua Majestade
Agency overview
Formed24th of July 2021
JurisdictionKingdom of Wellmoore
Chairman of the Corps responsible
  • None Appointed
Parent departmentMinistry of Foreign Affairs
Parent agencyHM's Government of Wellmoore


The Corps of Diplomats was founded on the 24th of July 2021 to assist King Luke of Wellmoore and HM's Government of Wellmoore in dealing with the managing of the diplomatic missions of Wellmoore.


Duty in Wellmoore

Within Wellmoore the Corps works closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the rest of HM's Government of Wellmoore to ensure that the nation is successful in promoting Wellmoore's interests abroad and assisting allied nations in their business with the intermicronational community.

Outside of Wellmoore

Outside of Wellmoore the Corps are responsible for promoting Wellmoore's wider interests as the face of the Kingdom as well as meeting with allied diplomats and leaders to help strengthen relationships.

The Corps may also help ally Wellmoore with other nations.


The Corps is lead by the Chairman of the Corps, currently none have been appointed.

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