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Corporatism is a system of government that revolves around rule by civic assemblies with the authority to represent economic, industrial, agriculutral, professional, social, cultural and/or political groups known as corporations. Differing from the economic institution known as a corporation, the political system effectively means that such assemblies and coalitions rule without any elective power. Some individuals consider corporatism to be State Collectivism - the State operates in an absolutely collective way, even if society itself does not. Micronationally Corporatism is an entirely viable system of government but an unlikely one - it relies heavily on a large, active citizenship basis with interest in the system to operate effectively.

Currently Hurricane applies the corporatist system of labor, employer, consumer, and enviormentatlist voices of interest in all aspects of the economy. It also uses corporate representation for foreign micronations with representatives directly from the state and groups that have mutual interest in the two countries.