Coronation of the Emperor of Urielandia

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Coronation of Emperor of Urielandia
Official portrait of the Emperor of Urielandia, (circa 2012)
Date22 May 2018 (2018-May-22)
VenueRepublican Square
ParticipantsThe Emperor

The Coronation of the Emperor of Urielandia, Uriel I was a special event that took place on the Eboxia's Main Cathedral, Urielandia on May 22, 2018. Urielandish citizens around the country came to the Cathedral to witness the coronation of the new monarch. Uriel I was crowned as the First Emperor of the Empire of Urielandia. The ones who are willing to be the next emperor, due by the natural order of the Emperor's family, will be officially crowned as "Emperor" or "Empress" on a specific date.

Proclamation of the Empire

The citizens around the country travelled to the former Republican Square, actually known as Bautista Alberdi Square, located in the center of the capital city Eboxia, for the festivity of the Proclamation of the Empire. The Emperor with his personal assistants arrived at the square and sat with them to see the military parade while he kept waving his hand to the people reunited. Afterwards, a military parade had begun, and to the tune of the national anthem, the soldiers shot a 21-gun salute for the Empire and for the Emperor.

Coronation at the Cathedral

The monarch came into the Main Cathedral with the members of the Urielandish National Congress, the Supreme Imperial Council and the Urielandish People which they were gathered all around to witness the main event. The Archbishop of Eboxia and the members of the Catholic Church were reunited, waiting for the monarch to be crowned, to take the oath of office. At that particular moment, the monarch pronounced the following words:

"I swear before God, the citizens and the country, to comply and enforce the imperial constitution and other laws surrounding it. I'll enforce to make the dignity of the Urielandish people be respected and defend the good name of the Empire. I implore God to give me wisdom and strength to rule by, of and for the citizens of Urielandia."

The Imperial Crown was being brought by the Archbishop, while the Emperor, still kneeled down, waited for the moment to occur. Effectively, the Archbishop put the crown over Uriel I's head. During the special mass which involved the own emperor's coronation, everyone sang the Te Deum. Once the melody ended, the Archbishop cried out loud VIVAT IMPERATOR IN AETERNUM, LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR, the Urielandish people were shouting on the streets of Eboxia: Long Live the Empire, Long live the Emperor.