Corian Space Agency

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Corian Space Agency
Official logo of the CSA

Motto Coria to space.
Establishment 20 November 2016
Dissolvment 19 January 2017
Jurisdiction Sreten Jovanovic
Headquarters Malingre, Astaronia
Affliation Coria

The CSA is the official space agency of the Coria. It was founded on 20 November 2016 and dissolved on 19 January 2017 because government did not had a budget for any of the planned missions.


No. Program Badge Launch vehicle Launch Date Aim Notes
1 Barka I Pravdai.PNG LWSS Brod I / Reach 100 meters Never realised


Barka I

Barka I
The Badge of Barka I mission.

Mission type Low atmosphere flight
Operator CSA
Mission duration /
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft type Brod I
Manufacturer CSA
Start of mission
Launch Date /
Rocket Barka I
Launch site Coria, Coria CoriaFlag.png (Canceled)
End of mission
Landing date /
Landing site /


Brod I