Corian Futsal League

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Corian Futsal League
CountriesCoriaFlag.png Kingdom of Coria
Founded11 November 2016
First season2016
Number of teams3
Levels on pyramid1
Domestic cup(s)Corian Cup
Current championsTBD
Most championshipsTBD
Top goalscorerTBD
TV partnersCoria TV (Pre-recorded
and live matches)
2016 Corian Futsal League season

The Corian Futsal League is a futsal league organised by Corian Futsal Asssociation. The league debuted on 14 May when season started with 3 futsal clubs.


The league was founded at 11 May 2016 by King Nikola I of Coria. He formed 3 clubs for the league - Rangers Coria City, Energy Malingre and St. Lazare Orleandia. First season was a season which started od 14 May 2016. Champion will be determined.


By the law of the Corian Futsal Association, futsal club will be managed by the major or the town where club is located.