Copan-Etrica war

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Copan v Etrica war
DateEarly 2012 to the end of 2012
Ccentyyrholm and Fabon
Status Concluded
Fabon, The Crossing land, Ccentyyrholm
Border Clan Orontonia
Noflag.png Clan Etrica
Commanders and leaders
Unknown None
Unknown Unknown
Too little documentation to know the number of losses.

Copan-Etrica War

The Copan-Etrica war was an almost year long war fought by the clan of Orontonia(who lived in what is now known as Szentyyrholm) and the clan of Etrica(Who lived in what is now Magaszevaw), The war ultimately lead to the formation of The Royal Empire of Copan.


The war began because of Orontonian intrusion onto Etrican land, there were numerous casualties but ultimately Orontonia won and gained the etrican land.


After the war there was a shortage of resources, alot of infighting, and confusion, this was prime breeding ground for a new religion, so an unnamed scholar created one based on Judaism and Christianity however it centred mainly around 14 gods,7 evil, 7 good, they each had there own plain of existence in Ancient Copanic they were called planos and earth was the 15 planos. Each god had grew in either evilness or goodness, as in there was one god who was the most good and one god who was slightly good, it was the same for the evil gods. According to the religion if you were good in your life you would go to the first good god's plain of existence, and if depending on how evil you were you would go to the respected evil plain of existence, you would live out your life there and when you die in that plain of existence you would go either up or down depending on how good you were, for the higher planos you go to the better afterlife you have until you reach the highest level where you meet The Creator God, Divameka meaning Divine creator in Ancient copanic, the scholar who created the religion left behind scrolls providing knowledge about the lesser gods, although only two survived and three pages of the religion's holy book, the Majiki Volumen I (it is unknown how many volumes there were). This religion quickly became the national religion, however some of the more esoteric practices involved summoning and talking to daemons, this is the part of the religion that survived through to the reign of Ceboku I. It is believed that through these dark means Ceboku I became so powerful and managed to oppress Copan for almost two eras.

The war also caused the majority of Orontonia to be staunchly anti-war, and would rather have an enemy walk all over them than fight back, this trait could be seen in Deshaki, Emperor of Copan the third Emperor of Copan.