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The Consul of Economy is a government position in Thebes and is one of 12 consuls. The Consul of Economy oversees economical decisions. The current Consul of Economy since August 19, 2021 is Eithan Ackerman.


The Consul of Economy was created on June 19, 2019, when Thebes was founded. The Consul of Economy, although equal in status, must be the most trustworthy of consuls, as deemed by Eithan I, because of their large involvement in the collection and management of government. However, the position of Consul of Economy has often been in turmoil, having had 5 consuls in its existence, including 2 who were impeached, and having been vacant for a considerable amount of time as well. After being established, the position remained vacant until July 24, when Aadi Patel was briefly appointed Consul of Economy, then unanimously impeached by the other consuls the next day. The position remained empty until September 29, 2019, when Charles I elevated Governor James Miller of Garf to that position. James Miller participated in the vizier election, and after winning, an election was held for the next Consul of Economy, which was won by Harley Mumfrey, who took office on October 19, 2019. Mumfrey was impeached after a political schism in the government, and replaced with Laiusan governor Vinay Natarajan. In the January 2021 consul elections, Cayden Ludlow defeated Natarajan and became the Consul of Economy. Ludlow is the first Consul of Economy to begin the process of producing currency, which was neglected by his predecessors. Eithan Ackerman became the Consul of Economy after leaving office as the king, when Ludlow took over. Ackerman is the first official to assume this role via replacement

List of Consuls of Economy

Consul Term Conditions Notes
Aadi Patel

July 24, 2019-July 25, 2019 Appointed by Eithan I. Impeached by Consul votes.
James Miller

September 29, 2019-October 19, 2019 Appointed by Charles I. Left office after winning vizier elections.
Harley Mumfrey

October 19, 2019-Jan 30, 2020 Elected by citizens. Impeached by Consul votes, Removed from Thebes
Vinay Natarajan

January 30, 2020 - January 19, 2021 Appointed by Charles I Emergency appointed by Charles I, longest serving Consul of Economy.
Cayden Ludlow January 19, 2021 - August 19, 2021 Elected by citizens. Left office after winning King Elections, Leading force behind harley Mumfrey Impeachemnt.
Eithan Ackerman August 19, 2021 - Present Assumed position after

levaing office as king

First and Fifth King of Thebes,


The Consul of Economy is in charge of making, maintaining, and managing the Theban Illiamis. They are also in charge of making sure Thebes maintains a stable economy, and regulating economic policies.