Constitution of Quebec

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Constitution of the
Republic of Quebec
Created 23 January 2019
Ratified 23 January 2019
Location Île à Dumais
Authors Aidan McGrath
Signers Aidan McGrath, Cameron I

The Constitution of Quebec is the fundamental law of the Republic. The constitution was adopted by the government on 23 January 2019.


After dissolution of CSR, the new government of Quebec requested a proper constitution. During January, the Provisional Constitution was written by Cameron I.

Judicial powers

On Chapter II Legislation, Article V, the Constitution claims that, "Court is ruled by the presiding judge in the case or lawsuit when imposed. Entities of court can be held under contempt for speaking out of line. Any contempt in court can be held under the judge's ruling, regardless of jury or not. This goes for the same as disrespect, disobedience, and talking out of turn." This explains in the court case of Quebec v. Rex Baustralicus, in which the Rex interrupted Aidan McGrath multiple times during the case when McGrath was prompting evidence. John I was charged with contempt due to speaking out of turn, however, John I later left the court.

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