New Democratic Party (Georgienstine)

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New Democratic Party
Nouveau Parti démocratique
ChairAddison Dillon
Presidential nomineeBenjamin Pickles
Founded2 December 2020
Dissolved29 May 2021
Merged intoSocialist Labour Party
Social democracy
Libertarian socialism
Libertarian conservatism
Social liberalism
Political positionSyncretic
SloganDon't tread on me.

The New Democratic Party was a political party in the Social Republic of Georgienstine. They support big tent libertarianism and populism. It was formed between the former Libertarian Party of Georgienstine and disgruntled Movement for Socialism members.

The New Democratic Party began when members of Movement for Socialism had expressed dissatisfaction with their party. Congressman Ariel Albert Lederman, leader of the Libertarian Party, had indicated unhappiness with the Georgienstine Democratic Coalition and wanted to form a new party off of the back of it. Lederman met with Congresswoman Addison Dillon and Agent Roy Jackson to discuss the creation of a new political faction, and the New Democratic Party was later created.

Because of congressional rules, for Lederman and Dillon to change parties, they must either: a) create a new party, or b) merge existing parties. The New Democratic Party likely would not have existed if this rule was not in place; instead, Jackson and Dillon would have simply joined the Libertarian Party.

The New Democratic Party merged with the Socialist Labour Party on 29 May 2021. However, due to Georgienstine's election registration rules; its presidential and vice presidential nominees, Socialist Labour Party members Benjamin Pickles and Saionji Kintsune, will remain on the ballot.