Conflicts involving Cheslovia

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Conflict involving Cheslovia have occurred throughout Cheslovian history, the nation itself was formed out of conflict known as the Amtin Independence War. This is a list which documents all major conflicts involving Cheslovia.

Conflicts during the Amtin era

The Amtin War of Independence

The Amtin War of Independence was waged between the Amtin Federation and The Tribe. The conflict was a result of conflicting ideas inside the Tribe, which caused some people to side with Urosh Dushanov and form a new nation, called the Amtin Federation. At the time, Amtin was only an independence movement, and not a micronation. Soon, armed conflicts began to erupt between separatist (Amtin) and Loyalist (Tribe) forces, soon after a long while (approximately three to four months), the Tribe dissolved and two new countries where formed: Amtin and The Clan.

Conflicts during the Russland/Versillian era

The Battle of Noke (Beginning of the Noke Wars)

The Battle of Noke was fought between Versillies and The Clan. For no confirmed reason, the Clan had declared war against Versillies. As a reaction, the Versillian Army was sent into Noke to attack the Clan. The battle was indecisive and both sides claimed victory.

Conflicts during the Imperial and Federal Kaznian era

Conflicts during the Principality era

Conflicts during the Cheslovian Federation era