Confederate Empire of Versillies

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The Confederate Empire of Versillies (CEV)

Flag of the CEV

Coat of Arms

Coat of arms of the CEV

Motto: <Unknown>
National anthem: The Patriotic Song (same as Russian anthem, 1991 - 2000)
Capital Odin Grad
Official languages English, Russian, German
Denonym Versillian
Government Single party communist confederal state
Leader Premier: Urosh Dushanov
Founded Approx. 1 March 2006
Area N/A
Location North western Europe
Population 7
Currency Versillian Kren Ҡ

The Confederate Empire of Versillies (CEV) was a past version of Cheslovia that existed during 2006. It was the first communist form of Cheslovia. The CEV had many territories scattered around Britain, particularly in the county of Oxfordshire.


The territories that made up the CEV were scattered across Britain, as a result there was much diversity in terrain. One territory was inside a densly wooded forest, another was founded in an urban area. Many documents partaining geography were destroyed, due to the government having no regard for historical documents.


The government of the CEV was a single party communist government, the main government was in charge of the territorial govermnments, but they were allowed some autonomy. The term "empire" was given to the title of the nation due to the amount of scattered territories it had claimed.