Concordian Unional Organisation

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Flag of The Concordian Unional Pact
Motto: "Durci ensemble" (French)
"Hardened together"
Anthem: "Ode to Joy" (orchestral)
Administrative centerÎle à Dumais
Working languageEnglish
TypeMilitary alliance
GovernmentSupranational and intergovernmental
• Chairman
Aidan I
• Secretary General
Cameron I
• Supreme Justice
Establishment5 April 2019
• Creation bill passed
6 April 2019
• Constitution drafted
7 April 2019
25 April 2019
CurrencyQuébécois Dollar
Ikonia Kyro
Kapresh Dollar
New Eiffelic Ping
Time zoneUTC-5; UTC-4 (Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone)

The Concordian Unional Organisation, commonly abbreviated as the CUO, is an intergovernmental organisation with the aim of helping keep peaceful relations between micronations, with a general focus on its own member states and observers. Based around the MicroWiki Community and founded in April 2019, the CUO currently has 7 members.


In spring of 2019, two months after the end of the World Micronational Commite, then President of Quebec, Aidan McGrath, wanted a new more organized organization after leaving the League of Nations, He set out to create what was know as the Intermicronational Council of Unity.

In May 2019, the ICoU underwent changes to go allow with the newly signed Concordia Pact Treaty. The Organisation adapted the treaties roundel and star and placed it on a blue flag.

Peace Keeping

On May 17, 2019, the COU annouced they would begin peace keeping operations like much like the United Nations. Currently, the countries in the Organisation to have keeping forces sent from ones armed forces is, the Kingdom of Quebec,


Full members

Full members are those that enjoy all rights and duties given to a member state: they can contribute to discussions and debates, vote in Quorums, sessions, and stand for election to any positions in the organisation except chair. There are currently three member states. They are:

  • Quebec (Chair)