Communist Party of the Western Soviet Union

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Communist Party of the Western Soviet Union
FounderAidyn Bratt
Founded24 January 2021
Legalised24 Janaury 2021
NewspaperWestern Communist Gazette
Youth wingCommunist Youth Group
Armed wingWestern Soviet Stormtrooper Detachment
Membership (2)7
Political positionFar left
Colors  Red
SloganWorkers of the west, unite!
Election symbol
Party flag

The Communist Party of the Western Soviet Union (CPWSU) was the founding and ruling political party of the Western Soviet Union and supreme governing authority in the nation. The CPWSU functioned in the capacity of a micronational political party, whose authority and activities were purely dedicated to the WSU.


The Supreme Soviet, under the direction of Aidyn Bratt, made the revolutionary decision to govern the nation under the leadership of a vanguard political party. The primary aim of the CPWSU was to further the socialist cause of the workers and peasants under the banner of Marxism-Leninism.


The CPWSU was the ultimate governing authority in the Western Soviet Union. The General Secretary led the party, which means he/she was also the supreme leader of the nation by default. The Vice General Secretary assisted the General Secretary in day-to-day duties and assisted him/her in carrying out leadership responsibilities over the other party members which made up the Central Committee.


There were 7 party members. Every citizen of the CPWSU was a card-carrying member of the CPWSU and part of the Central Committee.

Armed Wing

The armed wing of the party was made up of the Western Soviet Liberation Army and Western Soviet Liberation Navy respectively. Both military branches swore an oath of allegiance to the Party and answered only to the General Secretary.