Communist Party of Montania

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Communist Party of Montania
LeaderBrooklyn Hewitt
FoundedApril 6, 2013
HeadquartersNew Kennedia, Valtora
NewspaperPeople's Informer
ColorsRed, White, Gold
Seats in the Supreme People's Congress
2 / 3

The Communist Party of Montania is the current ruling party of the People's Republic of Montania, holding 2 out of 3 of the seats of the Supreme People's Congress. It is a member of the Labour Party of Ashukovo.


The party was founded on April 6, 2013 by Brooklyn Hewitt and more far-left members of the Montanian division of the Amagerian Labour Party. The party, under the de facto leadership of Brooklyn Hewitt, overthrew the Federal Republic of Montania in a coup d'état now known as the Great April Socialist Revolution.

Timeline of CPM Leaders

Picture Name Term start Term end Notes
Brooklyn Hewitt (de facto) April 6, 2013 April 6, 2013 Founder of the party.
File:Fitzpatrick1.jpg General Secretary Harry Fitzpatrick April 6, 2013 April 15, 2013 Appointed by the Provisional People's Government, and not the party itself.
General Secretary Brooklyn Hewitt April 15, 2013 Incumbent Reformed party as Trotskyist party.