Communist Party of Frieden

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Communist Party of Frieden
LeaderKittles Lewis
ChairpersonThomas Eloyia
PresidentJoseph Smith
SpokespersonJames (Al) Tohmson
HeadquartersNew Benghazi
Youth wingStudents's Communist Study Group
IdeologyMarxism Leninism Socialism Maoism
National affiliationFrieden
Official coloursRed and Gold

The Communist party of Frieden is a Marxist-Leninist political party within Frieden. Current President, Kittles Lewis, is part of this party. It has a seat in Parliament. It was created once the "Plush Toy Citizenship Act" was passed by then President Jacob Lewis. It follows a Marxist Leninist Maoist path, looking at the three leaders as role models. It's headquarters are in upper New Benghazi, and can be distinctively seen by the Portraits of Karl Marx Lenin Mao and Stalin

Youth wing

The Communist party has set up the "Student's Communist Study Group" in New Benghazi, New Tripoli, and other small cities. The group encourages students and youth to study Socialist and Communist Literature, by Marx, Engles Lenin and Mao.


Most support comes from Massively Socialist held New Benghazi, inside New Cerenacia. Other support comes from mainly agricultural groups and communes, which the party would support the most. Many criticisms and loss of support comes from the fact they support people with histories of Genocide. Such as Stalin and Mao. They have denied these Genocides many times.


  • Marxism Leninism Maoism
  • Equality
  • Dissolution of Classes
  • Dissolution of the Government and Money
  • Bringing a Communist majority into the Government.