Commonwealth of Ancora

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Commonwealth of Ancora
Flag of Commonwealth of Ancora
Roundel of Commonwealth of Ancora
Motto: "Freedom, fraternity, future, fairness" (proposed)
LegislatureGovernment of Ancora
• Census
10 (future settlers)
CurrencyUS Dollar (US$)

The Commonwealth of Ancora is a micronational project that aims to establish a permanent settlement in a property owned by the Commonwealth.


On December 3, 2019, a project to create a micronation was started by Discord users Hexagon, Gasolineman, and Savage on a political discord server. Envisioned as a safe haven for those who were ostracized from society, the project initially claimed the Bahamian island known as Great Isaac Cay and was subsequently known as the Free Territory of Great Isaac Cay. Additional citizens were recruited from the r/doomers subreddit and the project gained a small following of dedicated citizens.

However, as a result of the project being exposed to the Bahamian government by Discord user PrinceRaven, the project was forced to claim new territory in order to avoid a legal dispute. As of roughly late January 2020, the project was renamed to the Commonwealth of Ancora and the government was reorganized into the form it is now seen today. Ancora continues to claim Great Isaac Cay, although it is currently attempting to purchase property within the United States.