Colony of Vuldar

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Vuldar is a colony in the Larsonian realm located in the center of Baffin Island. The first settlers arrived in late July 2017. Thomas Larson declared himself Minister of the Colony of Vuldar. The dinosaurs obtained were used against the Kingdom of Madrona in the Battle of Chamberma.


The first explorers to arrive in the Colony of Vuldar arrived on 2 December 2016. When the explorers arrived in Vuldar, they noticed strange noises coming from the center of the island. On 5 March 2017, the LS Thomas was sent from Derraria in the San Francisco Bay to Vuldar. They landed on Vuldar on 12 March 2017 and proclaimed the Colony of Vuldar. Soon Larsonia realized that dinosaurs were in the Colony of Vuldar and transported them from Baffin Island to the Governor's House in Larsonia. On 22 April 2017, the dinosaurs were used against William II of Madrona's forces in the Battle of Chamberma.


The Colony of Vuldar is a military base for the Larson Federation and where they gain their dinosaurs for the military. The Minister of the Colony of Vuldar, Thomas Larson, is the supreme leader of all claimed and controlled territories in the Colony of Vuldar. There are no Representative Senators except for two voting citizens, who send absentee ballots.