Colin Davies

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Colin Davies
1st President of Glorosia
Assumed office
28 January 2023
Vice PresidentVacant
Preceded byOffice Established
Personal details
Political partyIndependent
Height5 ft (152 cm) 11
ResidencePresidential Palace
ReligionConservative Judaism
Military service
Allegiance Republic of Glorosia
Branch/serviceArmed Forces of Glorosia
Years of service2023 - Present
RankCommandant General

His Excellency The Honourable Commandant General Colin Davies is a micronationalist, politician and Glorosian statesman who is the founding father and first President of the Republic of Glorosia. His presidential term began on 28 January 2023, which is the official date of foundation of Glorosia.

Personal life

Colin was born in the UK in the early 2000s. He speaks English and is learning Welsh - also knowing some Hebrew and Yiddish. Religiously he is Jewish, he initially was a Messianic Jew but moved into Conservative Judaism and is from an Ashkenazi Jewish background.

Colin has an interest in theology and philosophy as well as politics.

Micronational Life

Colin has been serving as President of Glorosia since the nation's foundation on 28 January 2023. He is the nation's founding father and the only person yet to serve as president. He is responsible for the foundation of a large number of national institutions and offices as well as contributing to national culture.

In his capacity as president, he placed Glorosia under a benevolent dictatorship and took personal control of the nation's armed forces to help create and ensure national security.

Titles and Styles

Since 28 January 2023 - His Excellency The Honourable President of Glorosia

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