Coat of arms of Custosia

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Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Custosia
Custosia .png
ArmigerKingdom of Custosia
Adopted30 April 2017
CrestCrown of the Custosian Monarchy
EscutcheonShield divided into four quadrants with blue and white in either quadrant. Red hand in two blue quadrents and an arm bering a sword in two white quadrants.
Earlier versions
1Coat of Arms of Custosia.png
UseOfficial state documents

The Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Custosia is the official arms of Custosia. The coat of arms features a shield split into four quadrants. The top right and bottom right quadrant is a blue field and has a red hand in center of the quadrant. The top left and bottom left quadrant is a white field and has an arm bearing a sword in it's hand in the center of the quadrant. The supporters of the shield are two yellow lions and the crest is the Crown of the Custosian Monarch. The arms were designed were designed by Edward I of Custosia.



The white and blue colors are considered the traditional colors of Custosia. Blue symbolizes wisdom and loyalty. White symbolizes peace and prosperity. These same colors are used in the Flag of Custosia.


The symbols are the most important aspect in the arms of Custosia. The red hands symbolize humanity and the "tool of tools", taken from Aristotle's saying. The red hands can also symbolize saying "stop" or "halt" to the enemies of Custosia. The arm bearing a sword symbolizes the guardianship and protection of Custosia's beliefs. It is taken from the patron saint of Custosia, St. Michael. The lion supporters symbolize Siar Fordell when Custosia was fief inside the nation. The crest is the Crown of the Custosian Monarchy which symbolizes the Monarch of Custosia.