Coalition of Secular Micronations

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Coalition of Secular Micronations
Intermicronational Organization


Official language English.

Membership 3 full members, 1 observers

Commander of Ground Forces Central Missouri

– Foundation 17 July 2016

The CSM is a Coalition of Secular Micronations or Micronations that have a separation of church and state. The CSM was formed as a buffer Alliance to the Holy League founded by New Israel's Markus II.

The Coalition of Secular Micronations is an Economic Union and Military Alliance. A group of Micronations that support Personal Freedoms, Separation of Church and State, and Strong Secular Democracies.


The Coalition was founded on July 17, 2016 CE as a buffer to the Holy League, but the Alliance has not offially been ratified and formed by treaty, and currently waits for the treaty to be ratified. Full Members would include Smithville, Shorewell, and Sangheili Union, with the Peoples' Republic of Schykille being an Observer State