Co-operative Party of York upon Humber

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Co-operative Party of York upon Humber
LeaderEmma Clarke
General SecretaryDaniel Watson
ChairpersonKevin Lee
Founded24 April 2018
Preceded byYork Independence Party
York upon Humber
Student wingCo-op Students
Youth wingYoung Co-op
Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Direct democracy
Political positionCenter-left
York upon Humber City Council
16 / 27

The Co-operative Party of York upon Humber, usually abbreviated to Co-op, is a centre-left political party in York upon Humber. It has been the governing party since 2019, it is the largest in York upon Humber City Council, with 16 councillors. Emma Clarke, who is currently the Governing Mayor of York upon Humber, has been the party's leader since its establishment.

The Co-operative's manifesto has long stated: "The Co-operative Party is a democratic socialist party supporting co-operative values and has the objective of the democratic socialisation of industry, production, distribution and exchange, to the extent necessary to eliminate exploitation and other anti-social features in these fields".