Christian Green Democratic Alliance

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Christian Green Democratic Alliance
Party LeaderBenedict Braddock
SloganOnwards in Unity
Founded1 January 2018
Merger ofCivic Democratic League, Green Party of West Moravia
HeadquartersWest Moravian Capital Territory
IdeologyChristian Communism
Political positionLeft
4 / 11

The Christian Green Democratic Alliance, commonly abbreviated as the CGDA, is the majority political party in West Moravia. Founded by Secretary-General Benedict Braddock on 1 January 2018 (as the Civic Democratic League) after he became 1st president of West Moravia on the same date, the Christian Green Democratic Alliance is [[w:Christian Communism|Christian Communist] at heart, and is dedicated to putting in place Socialist reforms and principles and making them imminent in West Moravian politics. It has won every West Moravian election since its creation, despite a large fall in its share of the vote in the October 2019 snap vote.

Notable members

  • Benedict Braddock, Secretary-General
  • John Bullingham, minister for Social Affairs, former Deputy-Secretary-General
  • Hugo Brookes-Hughes, cabinet minister
  • Eve Rutherford, former Presiding Officer of the UNPLS
  • Freddie Martin, cabinet minister
  • Isaac Stott, former member of parliament.
  • Rufus Jordan, former member of parliament.