Christian Democratic Libertarian Party

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Christian Democratic Libertarian Party
FoundedFeb 28, 2022
Membership (2022)1
IdeologyChristian democracy
Political positionCenter-right
National affiliation Unitary Republic of Bir Tawil
Colors  Orange
SloganThe Power of Us is the Power of You
Tawilian Ministry
0 / 2
Tawilian National Council
1 / 3


The CDLP praises the idea of Bir Tawil becoming the 51st U.S. state

The CDLP is a Christian Conservative party that advocates a market-liberal view of economics, except for a program of tariffs to foster domestic industry. The CDLP also advocates for Bir Tawil to become a member of NATO and to become an associated state of the United States, in order to foster economic ties and ensure protection from Egypt and Sudan. This position has meant that the party is currently only made up of American Christian double-nationals. The CDLP also demands the immediate rescinding of the recognition of the State of State of Palestine and Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. The CDLP also has denounced the alleged corruption of the NURP interim government, along with the failure to fully establish a governmental and legal system.

Attempted Coalition and Attempted Military Junta

The CDLP attempted to form a coalition with the DSPBT (Democratic-Socialist Party of Bir Tawil) in order to secure their votes for the CDLP's candidate for Chief Councillor, along with an attempted bribery campaign of the Vice-Minister. However, when efforts stalled, the CDLP candidate attempted to perform a military junta on the 10th of March, 2022 with the help of the DSPBT candidate for Chief Counselor by taking the Vice-Minister as hostage. However, the DSPBT candidate did not join in the attempted military junta, and the CDLP's military junta was defeated. In previous days, the CDLP attempted to gain allies by promising workers' rights and a monarchy to various factions. However, all attempts failed.


The leader of the CDLP has promised to cease the authoritarian measures of the party and may consider the Democratic system.