Chen dynasty

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Great Chen

Chen dynastyflag.png
National emblem

Mount Florida and St.Kilda
Largest city 村 (Cūn)
Official language(s) Chinese, English
Official religion(s) Confucianism, Buddhism
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Emperor Lewi
- Prime Minister Daniel McGeechan
Established 22 April 2014
Area claimed 450km2
Population 6
Currency Tael
Time zone GMT

Chen dynasty (陳王朝), is a micronation located in Mount Florida and an island group called St. Kilda.


Establishment of the Great Chen

There was another micronation which the Great Chen took the place of, it was called Crudaith. Crudaith was established on 11 March 2014. It was very different from the Chen dynasty, and the Premier at that time eventually did not like Crudaith. So the Premier disestablished the micronation and replaced it with the Chen dynasty, making himself Huangdi (Emperor), also changing the claimed St. Kilda and renaming it to 海洋綠 (Haiyang lu).

What ever happened to the Great Chen on wikia's microwiki?
Crudaith map.jpg