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Republic of Cheeselandia

Cheeselandian Flag.png

No Mercy!
The Great Union Marches Eternal
North Eastern America, and the Middle East/North Africa.
Capital cityCheeselandian Foundation
Official language(s)English, German
Official religion(s)Holy Gum
GovernmentSingle-party National Socialism
- Supreme LeaderSupreme Leader JR (Founder)
EstablishedApril 14th, 2019
Area claimed8.9 miles
CurrencyCheeselandian Dollar
Time zoneUTC-5
National animalLeopard
Patron saintSt. Stone of Cheeselandia


Cheeselandia was founded at circa 1:30 P.M. on April 14th, 2019. Many national groups were founded, including the Space Organization, and the Cheeselandian Armed Forces. That day, near war with Houseistan (later Kelstonia) happened, after threats from the leader of Kelstonia to "destroy Cheeselandia". This would lead to a long line of tension. The next day, Cheeselandia had already gained ten members. The Cheeselandian Crusaders were founded on April 17th, the first Cheeselandian Military Unit. They conquered about 1,000 feet of territory in the days following. However, on May 1st, this led to the Corner War, which lasted until May 3rd. On May 1st, the Cheeselandians asked a group of people in the Corner to leave, so it could be colonized for Cheeselandia. They refused multiple times, and so War was declared. It was mainly non-violent until May 2nd, when one of the "Corner Group" attacked the Cheeselandians. A retaliatory attack insued, leaving two of the Corner Group injured. Oddly, even after this, sometimes the Cheeselandian Forces would walk into their territory to have conversation with them. The War was ended on May 3rd due to outside intervention. The Corner Group moved out that day, leaving the Corner available. Cheeselandia changed it's name from the Reinalt Republic, to Ristasia, and then back to Cheeselandia. On May 12th the Army was disbanded and was replaced with a Naval Land Corps, which consisted of about four "Marine Soldiers" and two ships, and even a supposed Training Station. However, This did not last long and the Cheeselandian Army returned a week later. During the summer of 2019, Cheeselandia remained extremely inactive, and was almost dead. But, on July 4th, Cheeselandia returned, and a "War on Bugs" was declared. This was declared because the Bugs were considered a public nuisance. Over 1,000 bugs have been killed, in methods ranging from poison to literal stabbing. On August 25th, 2019, the Cheeselandian Crusaders who served in the Corner War were awarded the Corner War Service Ribbon. In September, Cheeselandia started gaining traction again, and new members were coming in droves. In one day, Cheeselandia gained twenty members. A Soccer League was founded on the 3rd of September. They played practice games most days, but did, sometimes, face off against other self-proclaimed "teams". On September 7th, Cheeselandia declared war on the neighboring nation of Kelstonia. An invasion was planned, but it was cancelled on the border of Kelstonia due to a major planning failure. On September 11th, a small group calling themselves Ethanians seceded from Cheeselandia in support of Kelstonia. Cheeselandia won within an hour, without any injuries. It was achieved with diplomacy. Many more recreational groups appeared, such as a Cheeselandian Football Team. Cheeselandia had it's own Four-Square Team, and their own Square, which was guarded by Cheeselandian Soldiers, including, Pvt. Stone, who would later become St. Stone of Cheeselandia. On September 24th, 2019, Corporal Clement became President Clement very briefly, and for unstated reasons. In late September and Early October, Cheeselandia had reached it's peak membership of 78, however, some became very unhappy with Cheeselandia, usually because they complained about being treated "unfairly", despite this not being the truth, and left. On October 23rd, they created their own nation, called Socclandia. Socclandia could be considered a communist nation, although they stated they did not "have a political standing." They invaded Cheeselandia on October 24th, starting from the Green Corner, and won. Cheeselandia had virtually collapsed. The military refused to answer the call for service, and literally fell apart. Cheeselandia fell into it's dark ages. On Christmas Day Cheeselandian Rocket One was launched in commemoration. Cheeselandian sentiment returned in February and March, and Cheeselandia grew again, but the Coronavirus severely shattered that. On March 30th, 2020, Cheeselandia invaded the nation of Kelstonia, taking it over successfully, with very little opposition. It was the first time the Cheeselandian Flag flew on Kelstonian Territory. Kelstonia fell, but tensions among the former citizens of Kelstonia dragged on, and threat of revolution always loomed in Former Kelstonia. In May of 2020, Cheeselandia conquered more territory, and created an offshoot nation, called Sundora. For reasons unknown, Sundora retaliated against Cheeselandia, and Sundora was defeated in an hour. In early June, Cheeselandia declared that it would not recognize "Autonomous Zones" or their affiliate states. This, surprisingly did not cause any backlash. On July 4th, the one year anniversary of the "War on Bugs" was recognized, making it the longest conflict in Cheeselandia's history. On the same day, a Cheeselandian Militia system was proposed, but not officially created. From July 13th to 17th, 2020, Cheeselandia laid claim to territories in Africa. This has lead to tension about an invasion of the colony of Cheeselandian North Sudan and Nileland by Egypt or Ethiopia, due to increasing conflict between the two powers. On July 30th, 2020, attempts at recognition by North Korea were made. They have been partially successful, but are ongoing. On July 31st, 2020, the Foreign Relations Committee was founded for talks with foreign powers, such as North Korea. Sir Morrison is the head of the committee. In August of 2020 the nation experienced small territorial expansion, but it was short-lived due to Sundora's newfound power. Also in that month was a quite odd declaration of war against the United Kingdom, due to alleged allegations of spying on Cheeselandia due to the North Korean embassy message. This conflict lasted until September, and of course, the "enemy" was only seen once. In September, Cheeselandia did not grow as expected, but still kept good morale and high hopes for the future. Briefly in late September-Early October, Cheeselandia acquired a first lady, a native of the Middle East, but this was short lived. On October 4th, 2020, Cheeselandia established relations with Hugia, a country between Sudan and Chad. Throughout October, Cheeselandia kept a close eye on the rising tension in the United States of America, which it borders. Cheeselandia fought a battle against the Anarcho-Communists in October, 2020, leaving the Supreme Leader with a broken thumb. Although Cheeselandia suffered multiple casualties, the Anarchists were still beaten in a final charge. Later in October of 2020, pledges were made to make Cheeselandia grow and flourish, but with Coronavirus cases among those in Cheeselandia's hierarchy, such as Former President Clement, this was not possible. On November 4th, 2020, The Cheeselandian Air Defense Corps was founded, with only two telescopes to monitor air traffic. By November 15th, it had acquired a shortwave radio, more viewing equipment and other tools. On November 18th, 2020, the Republic of Cheeselandia declared it's support for the Russian Federation should war break out between Russia and the United States.


Cheeselandia's culture cannot be easily defined, and it is very complicated. It has been shaped by other nations (both micro national and national) which Cheeselandia was inspired by. (Molossia, Rhodesia, etc.) The culture of Cheeselandia is also defined by Cheeselandia's own history.


Cheeselandia's politics are definitely totalitarian, as there are no free elections. The totalitarianism is slightly right-leaning, but not by much. There has only been one time where the current Supreme Leader has not been the supreme leader, which was October 24th, 2019-January 19th, 2020. At that time, Gen. DeLess, commander of the Air Force, was Supreme Leader, but he was very inactive in Cheeselandia and rule of Cheeselandia was taken back in January. Officially, Cheeselandian rulership was known as Presdient from April-September 2019, and then was known as Supreme Leader after that point.

Foreign Relations

Cheeselandia is a member of the Assembly of Micronations Against Communism. We have ratified the Gotheburg and Jucaresti Treaties as well, making us a member of Intermicronational Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Movement. Although we are totalitarian, we still preserve basic human rights. Although we do not have free elections, we do allow the right to life and protection. We see ourselves as allies of every country in the organizations that we are a part of. Cheeselandia did not recognize the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone during it's existence.

Cheeselandia has had conversations with certain North Korean diplomats at their embassy, leading to a small amount of de facto recognition. Relations with the Nation of Hugia were established on October 4th, 2020.

When Union of Soviet Socialist MiniVeet Republics was regonized by Chad and Sudan Cheeselandia hated USSMR but didn't want to regonized them.


The Holy Gum is Cheeselandia's main religion, and came into existence on April 17th, 2019. The Holy Gum religion says that the earth was created by the Holy Gum 3,000 years ago, and the first humans, of which there were ten, first lived in Crimea, present day Ukraine, and were forced to migrate out 2,000 years ago. The Holy Gum religion says that after the early people were driven out, they sailed on 30 wooden rafts, and came to America. They created a nation for themselves and called it Cheeselandia, because they were starving and ate cheese from cows, which saved their lives. They often fought the Native Americans, and suffered heavy losses. One day, 500 years ago, The Holy Gum fell from the sky and landed on a tree. He was rediscovered by the Cheeselandian Crusaders on April 17th, 2019, and he became the religion of Cheeselandia once more. (This comes from The Holy Cheeselandian Bible, which is not online, but might be in the future)