Ceticilian Presidential election, March 2017

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Ceticilian Presidential election, March 2017
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  Progressive Party of Ceticilia.png Progressive Party of Ceticilia.png Gpoc logo.png
Nominee Aqua Mia Torres Jordan Lord
Party Progressive Party of Ceticilia Progressive Party of Ceticilia Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia
Electoral vote 6 6 0
Percentage 50% 50% 0

President before election


Elected President


The Ceticilian Presidential election in March 2017 was held a year after the first Presidential election and was a regular election. This election lead to the Presidency of Mia Torres.

The vote resulted in a tie; Torres won because Aqua dropped out to hand over the victory and because she won the first round. A previous election was held in 2016 and a following one in April 2017.

Party Candidate Vote (Round 1) Vote (Round 2) +/- Notes
Progressive Party of Ceticilia Mia Torres
6 / 15
6 / 12
First time as President of Ceticilia
Progressive Party of Ceticilia Aqua
5 / 15
6 / 12
Voluntarily gave the win to Torres by dropping out.
Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia Jordan Lord
4 / 15
0 / 12
Through Lord's elimination the vote count sinks.